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About Us

Setting the Standard.

There is a reason we call ourselves Beacon, and it’s not because it sounds good or because it’s someone’s name. We are Beacon because we aim to be a guiding light, both for our clients and our industry.

Founded over two decades ago, Beacon has set the standard for the communications and security industries time and time again, creating inventive technology solutions that allow our clients to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely.

Our Mission & Core Values


At Beacon, we do more than help our clients succeed. We help our clients teach the next generation. We help our clients protect their communities. We help our clients save lives, and throughout all of this, we help our clients make the world a better place.

Our employees strive to help these crucial operations work more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely, providing support and service nationwide to a variety of buildings and institutions.

We don’t just install solutions, we go the extra mile to make sure that your customized systems are working to assist the vital work you do every day.

Customer Service

We listen to our clients to provide tailored security and communication solutions - as well as 24/7 service and support for a premium experience.


We lead with honesty and transparency to earn our clients' trust and loyalty.


We communicate clearly, thoughtfully, and respectfully with the intention of building positive relationships with our clients.


We collaborate and perform better together. We achieve the best results and highest success by working as a team within our organization and as a partner to yours.

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