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Critical Communications & Security Solutions for Your Industry


Our goal is to keep healthcare organizations connected, resulting in increased safety, reduced operations costs, enhanced profitability, improved customer loyalty, and overall satisfaction. 

Beacon Communications has delivered solutions for over 175 hospitals, clinics, medical office buildings, and long-term care facilities. We are the standardized solution for Centura Health, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo, Sanford, and HCA Healthcare. 

The Beacon team is dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions, most knowledgable professionals, and comprehensive warranties in the industry - because accurate and reliable communication systems are essential for saving and improving lives.


School safety and security is an incredibly high priority. Schools need safe learning environments in order to educate the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers. 

Beacon understands that this is only possible with the implementation of high quality communication and security solutions. 

That's why we are dedicated to addressing current issues and setting our clients up for success in both day-to-day operations and emergency situations. Our solutions are customizable to fit any number of specific needs for education buildings, including K-12 schools, charter schools, private schools, high schools, colleges and universities.


The professionals at Beacon understand that government and municipal buildings possess unique features that require special security and communication solutions. 

Beacon has designed, installed, and maintained/serviced over 100 government and municipality related projects, providing a broad range of functionality. But we do more than just installing security systems - we offer dependable service, training, maintenance and upgrades. 

Our customized security solutions utilize video surveillance, access control, and critical communication technology for comprehensive protection of government assets and employees. 

Commercial & Retail

No matter what type of commercial project - from recreational buildings, commercial offices, multifamily residential buildings, retail property, to hospitals - we have security and communication solutions that fit.

Beacon Communications is the expert and industry leader in creating customized and reliable security systems that will enhance safety and reduce operational costs. 

Our solutions provide the most advanced and exclusive technologies to secure and protect your commercial property against any potential threat, including video surveillance, access control, and critical communication solutions. 

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